Demoscene meets Phlow // Right between July and August the demoscene party Evoke 2009 took place in the beautiful city of Cologne. That’s where I met Juergen Beck, demoscene enthusiast and music lover. He asked me for a cooperation and all I had to do, was to dig into our music archive to find some really stunning creative commons music and of course some 8-bit-music-gems to please the demosceners. The mix was done by Vincenzo who combined the different styles together. Delicious!

Bitfellas Podcast meets Phlow (MP3)

In the last two years I more and more discovered, that cooperations between like-minded are the best elixir to make magic moments happen. And you have to meet them in reality. Since two years now, I rock this magazine together with Sven Swift. And it’s pure fun. This year a team of creative comons freaks rocked our city with Cologne Commons. And now you can discover with me another of this fantastic moments. Listen to the excellent and with love crafted BitFellas Podcast. And don’t miss to grab their Podcast Feed.

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I just handed over some of my favorites to Juergen after our talk. I discovered these tracks in the last years while digging, and all those netlabels. And someone else mixed these tracks and I just can say: Perfect! I would never had done it in this way. And this is the magic, you discover new ways on looking, listening and so on…

And one more thang: I am jealous, when I see these beautiful graphics they did for the show. And the podcast logo is amazing! Space Invaders forever!

PS: You find also a cue-file for the the mp3 to cut it in peaces, but I would rather not. The mix by Vincenzo is perfect as it is.

Playlist of BitFellas Podcast Mix

  1. Cornbeast - “Megablast”
  2. Coehn and Foehrb - “Mittel zum Finger”
  3. Comfort Fit - “Rock da Dam (feat. Portfomat)”
  4. Prymer and Blaktroniks - “Pimp Knowledgy (Krii remix)”
  5. Winnie The Shit - “I Love You”
  6. AEED - “Cry now”
  7. Willbe - “Zephyr”
  8. enLounge - “Morning espresso”
  9. The Groove Guerilla - “That day”
  10. Essell - “Daydream”
  11. Henrik Jose - “Possibilities”
  12. cie - “Schwedische Gardinen”
  13. Sudio - “Ion Funnel”
  14. Vincent Casanova - “Take Me Beyond (Paul Keeley remix)”

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MP3 Podcast Music Download

Download: Bitfellas Podcast meets Phlow (MP3) (cue-file)


Demoscene: Evoke 2009