I discovered Cie the first time when I listened to his Shuffle-Beat-orientated techno track “frühlingsblume” on Broque. I loved the melodies he put into his track. It took Cie some time to make us listen to his melodic and solid four-to-the-floor again. On his new EP you get four bonbons, four melodic groovers full of analogue synthie sounds.

My favorite track on “bonbon e.p.” is the opener called “schwedische gardinen”. The track has these bleeping sounds, we know from the early era of Bleep Techno. Along with some melodic chords this classic stomper builds up its magic slowly. Dedicated to the old school-science of techno Cie adds more and more percussive elements and last not least some trancy synth sweeps. Delicious. Just lift your hands at 3:28 :)

But don’t miss “privileg” and “mike bob remix” either. While “privileg” closes this high-quality EP with some soothing sawtooth sounds “mike bob remix” sounds more futuristic and dubby. Thumbs up!

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