Toni Music is a netlabel with a focus on minimal music inbetween techno and house. Located in Turin, italy, the italian netlabel spreads music from musicians who like to play with short triggered elements bouncing around a steady bassdrum. Most of the ep’s and singles are therefore short patterned grooves reduced to the bones.

Each Toni Music-release is accommpanied with an individual and great cover-artwork. Somehow the artwork stands for itself. Each track comes in compressed in hifi-quality-encoded mp3s in 320kbs. The bassdrum always kicks you and the production is well-balanced.

Most of the grooves and tracks are highly dj-orientated. Unsurprisingly the dj-tools fit well in a minimal-mix. So does Patrick di Stefano. His 5-tracker “Mon petit tresor” is a warm minimal-house-release which shuts down with an laidback song called “wasabi” feat. Ikijazz. I guess, that Ikijazz performs with virtuosity his saxophone while simultaneously a voice gives the song even more atmosphere. A great and unexpected end for a minimal-house-release which calms you down for the next round of clubmusic.

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