Instrumental Hip Hop kicks me currently the most. I waited a long time for more releases like “Synesthesia” that stand in the tradition of music by Comfort Fit or my beloved Flying Lotus. AEED pushes Hip Hop music into the right direction. Playful rhythmic arrangements, definetely electronic and with a funky flavor. Music that makes us grin and nod happily.

“Synesthesia” is colourful like the album cover itself. Listen to that pop appeal in “Cry now”. AEED rolls out the bass as a pumping fundament and than gets lost in melodies. This album has nothing to do with loop-orientated Hip Hop instrumentals. AEED feds his music with sweeping synths, funky or jazzy melodies which seem to glide easily from the keyboard into the corners of his broken beats.

Sometimes “Synesthesia” is full of melancholy like in “Strange Dreams”. Sometimes AEED delivers us funky anthems like “Elephants Dance” bouncing on a sparkeling bassline. If you like electronica, chip music and if you have some b-boy-blood in your venes. This is the exact soundtrack. Error Broadcast gets bigger with each new release. Can’t wait for more eye candy!

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