While most of the elder netlabel disappeared from the surface, some keep up the good work and come up with fancy releases every once a while. The Canadian No Type label (the one with the cat) has been very active in the last month, providing high quality music of all genre and, worth to mention, good artwork.

Catalogue number 108 is a four-track EP entitled Litter by Siblings (which is No Type coordinator David Turgeon and songstress Kaia Wong). What may “Pop songs about changing the cat litter and paying the rent” will sound like?

First of all: they sound damn good! Their tracks fuse different elements: Pop- and House music, HipHop and IDM. The opener “Litter” is made from a simple House beat, pitched down to make your head nod. Alongside the oldschool claps and David’s funny proto-Rap, Kaia sings a simple melody with her beautiful and unpolished voice.

“It’s Still Working” has a stronger leaning to Deep House and early 80’s No Wave, somewhere between Gomma and DFA Records. With “Rent and Taxes”, the Siblings come back to with a campy Hip Hop tune whose cut-up beats and string-arrangements make me think of the late Matthew Herbert. Very cool. The short EP ends with “Think in Spanish”, an intimate Pop-miniature for voice and synthesizer.

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