Autark is a new Austrian Netlabel, “Four Pieces” is their second release. While I was preparing to write something about their first release (a two-track EP of decent piano experimentalism featuring Hans Platzgumer), Innsbruck based analog fanatic Krowley hit the scene. “Four Pieces” is postmodern Renaissance music for the IDM afterglow.

Krowley is 17-years young producer Felix Trawöger. His EP “Four Pieces” is a fresh mixture of melodic, analog instrumentation and urban beats and synths that reminds me a lot of “Eve Future”-releases by Kraftwerk-heirs Kreidler from Düsseldorf. With “I Saw My Lady Weep” Trawöger’s EP starts bare naked with piano, spinet and viola.

The whole song is a beautiful little piece of chamber music, it’s contemporary origin only proven by minor hints. Second bassedanza “Ayre” combines _Aphex Twin-_style beat patterns with field-recordings and an enjoyable offbeat guitar motive.

For “Cyre”, Trawöger descends even further into Pop. The dense guitar instrumentation is left as slave to the mighty LFO-groove of a synth bass-line. You can hear simple drums, somewhere in the middle a flute is introduced. It’s stunning to hear how seamless Krowley’s neo-Renaissance ideas accord to nowadays genres like IDM or Hip Hop. While last song “Pavane” (!) is a bit boring, “Cyre” is an awesome piece of left-field Electronica. Well done, kid.

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