David Williams aka ‘82nd ave enjoys building, transforming and playing around with beats. Somehow I am sure musicians like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher or Cristian Vogel had a big impact on him. But David Williams propagates his own kind of sound. With his tricky beats he’s closer to elektro than to drill’n’bass-cascades making the listener mad.

Not all the tracks on the “Crowd of Zero”-Album have melodic grooves, sometimes David Williams gets lost in playing with his effects and plugins. But he rocks when he combines beats, weird sounds and melodies like in “Plankton Dub”, “Ramshackle” or the fat electro-track “Comuter Belt Booty Bass”. Than, when David Williams lets the groove phlow, we get sucked into the frisky world of ‘82nd ave.

One of my favorite tracks is “It started Off Acoustic”. While introducing the listener to a smooth acoustic guitar in the beginning, we witness how David Williams chops up the samples and let them interact. Altogether “Crowd Of Zero” is filled with humour, tricky beats and a love for stereo-effects. Definitive worth a try.

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