Melodic NuJazz // The hungarian Peacespeakers-music-projects supply us with some easy-listening NuJazz. The electronic instrumental project consists of three music-freaks who enjoy producing music for an hawaiian weekend at the beach. Listening to the Peacespeakers reminds you of the possibility, that planet earth is an nice place to live.

To some people the songs of the Peacespeakers may sound a little bit too round, too cosy and too sweet. Others will highly enjoy their peaceful moods. When you enjoy music by Thievery Cooperation, De-Phazz or Boozoo Bajou you should give the hungarian trio a listen. They know how to squeeze some jammin’ melodies out of their instruments. Just try a trip with “The deep green sea”, “It’s all the same” or “Nobody Can Help us” and float away on agile played instruments like saxophones, keyboards and guitars.

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Release-Download: Peacespeakers - “Message from Planet Earth”

Website: Loopjazz Netlabel