Niteffect is back with an 30-minutes length EP for the German Kreislauf Netlabel. While his former “Fragments” EP was more like a glimpse of Miklos Labady’s talent for hypnotic beats, “Lost Identity” is the prove of his qualities in songwriting, too. Ten songs that oscillate from Downbeat to instrumental Hip Hop to IDM. Versatile and catchy.

Hungary-born Miklos Labady is quite active in the Netaudio-scene. While his Niteffect-moniker is strictly Kreislauf, a few records under the name of Nick Otheen are online at Enough Records and Laced Milk. Labady extracts the brooding darkness of Dubstep, takes the groovy downtempo beats of Hip Hop (some might say Trip Hop) and plays his dirty little game by adding the right amount of Electronica.

“Lights Off” and “Blur Emotion” feature grumbling bass synthesizers that sound like pitched-down Mr. Oizo and spiced with some fine cuts at “Lights Off”, Tape vs RQM. Tracks “Go With The Flow” or “No Way To West” have a stronger connection to Leftfield Electronica with blurry melodies and Boards Of Canada-style melancholia. My favorite tune on Niteffect’s “Lost Identity” is “Tropical Heat” however. With a slight shift to Trance and Afrobeat rhythmics (check the percussion!), “Tropical Heat” affects you like a maelstrom. Hypnotic, ominous, a trip into The Heart Of Darkness.

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