Warm and Sparkling, Rich and Crackling // The latest addition at Zymogen Netlabel is Italian sound sculptor Giuseppe Cordaro aka con_cetta. His album is entitled “Sclerosis” and although sclerosis botanically describes the decay of leaves to the bare meshwork of nerves (see the artwork), Cordaro’s Ambient compositions are rather rich in tone and texture.

con_cetta “hexagram” (MP3)

con_cetta “con_cetta” (MP3)

Filippo Aldovini, the smart guy behind Zymogen, has a sovereign feel for choosing the right music for his label. If you make up a compilation including Zymo folks Letna, Lezrod and Marihiko Hara, people might doubt there’s more than one artist featured at all. Taking place between the later two, con_cetta fits this musical terrain just perfect. Harmonious Ambient drones, spiced with glitch and field-recordings, how does that sound to you?

The album opens with the hypnotizing string-miniature “2.53” that sounds like Arvo Pärt underwater. “hexagram” is a dense meditation on processed guitar and different high- and low-frequent noises which surprisingly make up a smooth listen. The song features Nicola Fernoli of Posthardcore outlet Go Down Moses on guitar. Afterwards, “sad.ay” is back with a dense piece of synthesizer Ambient, including echoing sine waves, a mesmerizing synth loop, songbirds and white noise distortion. For “hornplant”, con_cetta approaches Indietronica from an Ambient point of view, introducing a plain and beautiful texture to rattly sample beats. “Sclerosis” closes with the magnificent “calendaexl”, the orchestral counterpart of “hexagram”.

When Lezrod sounds like the creaking ground below and Marihiko Hara is the conductor of ascension, Cordaro is capable to be both textural noisy and heavenly harmonic. Not as beautiful as Hara and not as microscopic as Lezrod, con_cetta is the missing link of experimental Ambient music.

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Release Site: con_cetta - “Sclerosis”

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Netlabel: www.zymogen.net

Artist Website: www.myspace.com/concettamusic