Electro-Acoustic Chamber Music // US-American composer Scott Smallwood released his music at various experimental Net- and CDR-labels. For his collection “Three Soundscapes”, Smallwood and the Now Ensemble gathered to perform three of his most accessible compositions up to date. Neo-classical Ambient at the edge of Noise and Musique Concrète that might mark a good starting point for those who dare to dig deeper.

The album starts with “Colton Swarm”. 11:30 minutes mainly build of harmonica- and cello-drones. Enhanced with subtle field-recordings, the whole piece billows up and down, gives rise to noisy wave peaks, uncovers calm clearings and stomachs the careless listener in a whole. Huge. “Stay” is the very step too close to Industrial-music and, although the end is fine, not my cup of machine oil.

So skip and enjoy “Still in Here”. For another 10:40 minutes, Smallwood and the Now Ensemble carefully create advanced, acoustic ambient music. Sijis Netlabel put Smallwood’s musical annotations in the ZIP-file and it’s pretty exciting to follow them. All musicians act with great concentration and intuition for each other. Craftsmanship, despite all the UGC-hooray, is a stunning thing to observe.

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Release-Site: Scott Smallwood - “Three Soundscapes”

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Netlabel: www.sijis.com

Artist Website: Scott Smallwood