Sometime you stumble upon these releases which attract your attention only because you like the website, the artwork, the name of artist or the text which describes the music. In the case of Berlin backyard wrench Marow, the worn-out and atmospheric photos on his label’s website hooked me up initially.

A straight bassdrum is something that leaves me quizzical. Thus, after surfing the beautiful Klitorek website (Klitorek is some kind of loose Netlabel, run by Marow and Olaf Tonstein), I found myself a bit disappointed by Marow’s EP “+”. But everytime I saw the cover pic browsing through my MP3-folders, I listened to his music and finally got into it.

There is a certain 90’s feel about “+”. Marow combines the classic minimalist approach of Pole and Kraftwerk with a rather romantic idea of harmony and micro-tuning to be found at Turner or early Autechre. Deep in dub, Marow’s sound is special because he is clever enough to use the reverb with care.

The frosted echo chambers which use to bore me so much are missing here. Check the hypnotic Ambient piece, the elegant Minimal House of “Und”, the harmony-blessed “Addition” or “Positiv” for its tricky rhythmic entanglements. Another Netaudio release with a similar ominous mood is Direwire & Freder’s “Sleeping near Highways”, and THIS is one of my all-time favourites.