Back in 2005, Netlabel Ideology and the Broke Gringos-crew came up with the idea to bring together different Cologne-based MCs and crate diggers on a free compilation. That’s how the first Colonius Monk Collective-sampler came to be. Two years later, Ideology is back with the second volume. Gringo Starr, Lunte, Slomo, Fleur Earth and all the others are still there to gain prove that German Hip Hop in 2007 does not necessarily has to be boring and cliché-laden.

Cologne might be famous for Kraut Rock and the Cologne Cathedral, but very few people have heard of Rap and Soul music from the Rhine metropolis. That’s a shame. Gringo Starr of the Broke Gringos and Lunte of Berlin Rap-duo Sichtbeton are two of the most talented and innovative MCs around. Check “Flamenco” (with SB DJ V-Raeter on the beats) and the awesome posse track “Medikamente” for a taste of their skillfull and lyrical raps.

LAH, Slomo and SEL are good MCs, though their style might be a bit more common, a bit more 90’s (which is nothing to be ashamed of after all). Try “Masterplan” with MC SEL and Reechad at the decks. Last but not least: the girl Fleur Earth. Once I wrote a review about her “Zirkular EP” at Ideology, and I liked these tunes better than the performance she shows up with on CMC II. A good rapper and songstress, still.

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Release // Various Artists - Colonius Monk Collective II
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