The people around the Jahtari Netlabel live on the sunny side of the street. Maybe it’s because a nice spliff is always ‘round the next corner to make you smile. My guess is that all the musicians not only have skillfull fingers to roll the next joint, they all have this musical talent to build deep hooklines, too. Like the Cologne producer Gringo Starr joined by his favorite singer Flear Earth.

“Wir brennen Euch Ab” means in german “We burn you down”. But this anthem isn’t about making war or getting on the way to the next drive-by. Nonono, it’s meant ironically. The producer and his prima donna Fleur Earth just play with us burning down the club with another fantastic disrupt riddim. Or they want to burn down the next skinned up joint with us. I don’t care because the bassline and the vocals get me driftin’. Don’t miss the remix by Ras Amerlock.

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