Collecting Music for a Timeless Compilation // Next to listening and writing about creative commons music, we thought it might be a wonderful idea to make free downloadable collections of all-time-favorites. I am thinking right know about collecting free netlabel music released under a creative commons music to re-release the best songs as a compilation. What are your favorites?

Compilations with timeless music are always a great deal. On the one hand you have to choose the music really carefully and on the other you have to compile them in an interesting way. A compilation to manage is always an exciting task because you have to combine music from different artists and make them work together in one playlist. We at Phlow want to honour now our favorite netmusic musicians with a series of compilations. The goal of every compilation is to drive new people into the wonderful world of free netlabel music. These compilations are targeted to make new people courious about the netlabel phenomena, show them new mainly unknown artists and offer them a way into the scene.

Compilations for every kind of taste

That’s why we collect now ideas for music compilations for different tastes. The subject of each compilation is a music genre because we think, you get people by offering them a music style they like, with different netlabels, musicians and places to go. That’s why we ask you for your favorite tracks of all time. Currently we have these compilations on our minds:

  • A compilation with timeless IDM tracks
  • A compilation with chill out music from downbeat to drum’n’bass
  • A compilation with outstanding Ambient Music
  • A compilation with Minimal Techno to DubTechno
  • A compilation with beautiful Electronica and Indietronic Music
  • A compilation full of 8-Bit-memories and Chip Music

We like to start with IDM because we think, that IDM was one of the first true netaudio/netlabel music styles embraced by the musicians. Do you have any suggestions who should be definetely on our compilation?

Our suggestions right know

And than, there was the cover-artwork…

Last not least, we need of course an outstanding cover-artwork. Have you an idea, if there is an graphic-designer with strong ties to IDM? If so, who? Or are there other pictures, we should definitely attach?