ccMixter is a community music remixing website featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses. One musician who used ccMixter quite cleverly is Calendar Girl. Over one year she recorded each month a song, packed the vocals on ccMixter and asked the community to remix. One producer who did a hell of a job is apeskinny who remixed the may-song and turned it into an electrifying techno-pop-song.

Calendar Girl - “May” (MP3)

Calendar Girl lives and works in London where her disco alter-ego is a vocalist for big fun funkateers Freeform Five. With her lovely voice, 12 recorded songs licensed under a creative commons, she got 167 remixes in return. We pitched on the incredible “May apeskinny mix”. Before you listen to the remix, give the Original vocals (MP3) a try or listen to the calendar girls sweet vocals along with some backing sounds from a harp (MP3). Than check out the fantastic remix done by apeskinny and enjoy!

MP3 Techno Pop Music Download


Song-Download: apeskinny - “May apeskinny mix (ft. Calender girl)”

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