In “I love you” an 808-like bassdrum kicks relaxed in slow-motion. Some drive give the shuffled Dubstep-inspired beats around it. But what makes Winnie The Shit’s love-song so exciting is the beautiful ambience, the plinkering of a digital harp filtered through the entire song.

And Winnie The Shit doesn’t makes the mistakes like most of the Dubstep-producers: Instead of limiting his sound to playing around with technics - he enjoys composing IDM-ish melodies.

In general if some friends of mine talk about Dubstep, I don’t think about melodies. Most of the time Dubstep is about digging the bass still a little bit deeper into the ground. Instead of supplying us with some melodic grooves to remember, the forget about the soul of music.

On the contrary Winnie explores both sides. He enjoys to built some heavy and relaxed beats with melodies. OK, “Awkward Silence” is still more awkward than melodic, but with “Dark Pattern” and “Robot Master” he follows the path to IDM and combines Electronica with a solid fundament of beats. Fine release!

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