Let’s share some music! Welcome back to the wonderful land of free netlabel sounds! After the international success of our first Best-Of-Netlabels-Edition at the end of January 2008 we proudly present you the follow-up: „Their Finest Hour Volume 2“.

In February we discovered another time fabulous music from all over the globe. Listen up! With Iambic² we glide through coloured Indiepop-soundscapes while Ronny Ragtroll confuses us in the beginning with some dazzling sounds to grab our feet later with a sweet downbeat-groove. In contrast our italian Trip Hop-Supergroup Mou rushes with us on drum’n’bass-beats on a dark vibe.

Than the horizont lightens up again with the russian duo Ambidextrous and Morkva. The Twombley Spiders give us a sweet taste of a bright future while we prepare ourselves for the club. Whether it be the electro-beats by Pirata from Chile, the complex TechHouse-Music by Sudio or Frank Biedermann… We rock to electronic music. And hey, the party aint’t over, because Intelec, Martin Dot and Umisetsu prepared a delicate afterhour for us to see the raising morning light!

Cover Artwork - Their Finest Hour Volume 2

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  1. “Dust Below The Ground” from Iambic²
  2. “And There She Was” from Ronny Ragtroll vs Erratic
  3. “Chaleur” from The Incognito Traveller
  4. “Notte Di Luna” from Mou
  5. “In” from Ambidextrous / Morkva
  6. “A Thousand Pinwheels” from The Twombley Spiders
  7. “Sinus Rhythm” from Pirata
  8. “Pulsed Deflection” from Sudio
  9. “Ant Attacks (Rob Keens Remix)” from Frank Biedermann
  10. “Antártida” from Intelec
  11. “December’s Shadows” from Iambic²
  12. “Greenwater” from Umisetsu & Martin Dot

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