Exquisite Downbeats // The Incognito Traveller stands in the tradition of Downbeat-producers like Kruder & Dorfmeister, St. Germain or Thievery Corporation. Jazzy rhyhtms, organic sounds and everywhere a touch of crackling vinyl samples. The production from Mexico is well-crafted and you have the feeling each song tells you a little story. Konfort did it again and released an extraordinary lax release.

When you start playing the first song called “Petra 1:00 am” from The Incognito Traveller you glide into a deep melancholy mood. The melody played by the horns takes you carefully away and lifts you up. And how I like this jam-packed trumpet in “Marguerite” or “Valletta 1:27 am”.

Or listen to the wonderful mexican journey “A Couple Minutes with Paco”. True trippin’ on an easy-going guitar and slight beats. It’s hard to find the most outstanding track because every song on “The Incognito Traveller EP” is a discovery of its own full of poetry. Just damn fine 30 minutes of incredible music, you won’t miss! Rewind!

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Release-Website: The Incognito Traveller EP (ZIP-Download)

Netlabel: Konfort Netlabel