Releaxed Mexican Downbeats // Slowly crawls the gaucho out of his hammock, grabs his guitar and plays some melodic riffs for us. The hashoil circulates through his venes and a relaxed and easygoing mood lets him find some delicate melodies. Meanwhile his friends nod smiling to the smooth downbeats. Live can be so sweet.

While I am sitting in the centre of Tokyo, while I see all the hectic on the street, Cri-Kong makes me smile and relax. Again lovely downbeats from Konfort Netlabel, lots of tunes and a nearly sedating groove paints pictures in my head. Grab these three wonderful songs and take a downtime. Five stars and “Ola Mexico! Love ya!”

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Release: Cri-Kong - “Hash Oil EP” (ZIP-Download)

Netlabel: Discos Konfort