Despite the fact that it is grey, rainy and coldish, Autumn is a season of maximum bliss. Right between Summer holidays and Christmas vacation, Autumn gives time to breathe deeply, sort things out, to come down. The odor of falling leaves is on the streets, mixing with the perfume of flavored tea and for the first time since long it feels good to stay home. Stay with your beloved, hopefully.

My latest mixtape is a collection of catchy Pop tunes. A farewell to Summer, a heartily welcome to Autumn. Because Fall is for lovers. 16 free Netaudio tunes from shy and harmony-driven Electronica to uplifting Pop, obscene Chip tunes and back to melancholy Folk. Enjoy rare material by He Can Jog, Tidy Kid, Banjo Consortium and Inlets as well as Resynthesize’s all time classic “Supersynth” and many more. My way to Fall, as Yo La Tengo said.

Thanks for sharing, yours Bettina

Photo by Dani Baquet-Long,

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