We waited quite a long time for a follow-up of Frank Biedermanns excellent “Wookiee Woods EP” on Stadtgrün. Now the german DubTechno-producer is back with a relaxed and smooth EP like a latte machiato. And like every good latte machiato we get some delicious milk froth on top in the form of remixes done by Marco Fürstenberg, Martin Donath, Rob Keen and Patrick Diessner.

On Frank Biedermanns EP called “Wookiee Woods” you find two smashing DubTechno-Tracks for a frenetic club night: “Wookie Woods” and “Endoor Forest”. In contrast the new “Nanowar EP” comes around with a more gentle and lounge-orientated sound. Like on his debut on Stadtgrün Frank Biedermanns throws some techy chords into his delay and filters carefully the sound.

While the originals stay quite streamlined and don’t risk to much, the remixers - especially Martin Donath and Rob Keens - get into the game with some additional music ideas. Where Rob Keens entertains us with some pop-like chords and melodies, Martin Donath turns his knobs with a more minimal-orientated flavor. His remix of “Rumble the Bumblebee” lifts us out of the sofa with some subsonic basslines and dark effects. Definetely a minimal and funky stomper!

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