Calm Ambient // Young Etienne Michelet is an experimental songwriter and delivery boy of rich, textural Ambient. Just recently, Michelet released two EPs at the notorious Resting Bell Netlabel and over at Digital Biotope. But I’d like to talk about his former minialbum “Bleu Vespéral - A Music For Harmonium” published via La Nouvelle Dégelée earlier this year.

I’m not actually sure if “Bleu Vespéral” is produced on a “hardware” harmonium solely. The sound of the instrument’s pipes is clearly there but I would have expected some more noises, certain glitches that occur if you hit the instrument’s keys, chiffing and such. “Bleu Vespéral” sounds very clear, ethereal, even sacral with it’s huge cathedral reverb flags.

Whatever. Seven songs, rather short, stricly featuring the wide range of sound provide by the “reed organ”. Michelet is best when his compositions feature minimal harmonic changes and drifts. The second tune “Arcs (Mobiles)” e.g. fuses Ambient and Chambermusic, huge and beautiful. Wouldn’t have been a dropout on the Nest EP. The delicate flute-sounds at “Hexa” are wonderful and the slightly optimistic “Cromorne” brings forth a soothing feel of late-summer nostalgia I enjoy a lot. As a comparions, Processing… comes to my mind. A good EP in a whole although some songs are missing certain hooks.

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