FM Ambient For his self-titled debut EP at the Resting Bell Netlabel, Michael Dzjaparidze a.k.a. Processing… choose Frequency Modulation as a strictly synthetic way to produce sounds and textures. One of the most important FM-based synthesizers was the Yamaha DX7, sold in the first half of the 1980’s and mainly responsible for the aseptic Synthpop-sound we fear the decade for. So why does this record sound so damn analogue?

Processing… is about approaching sound and sound-objects in original and unconventional ways”, as we get to know at the Resting Bell website. Michael Dzjaridze from the city of Utrecht created the rich textured and harmonic Ambient drones for the three elongated tracks on his EP with a synthesis approach called Frequency Modulation: simple sine waves are warped by other sine waves. As all sounds can be fit by sine waves, this method sounds quite natural. Still, the outcome usually feels cold and harsh.

Dzjaparidze manages to make his FM-tunes sound like a Krautrock-band jamming on Moog and Hammond B3. Get yours ears on the smooth string-sounds at “Gone, But Not Forgotten” and check the delicate organ flicker. Somewhere between Nest, Stars of the Lid and Cluster. The artwork by Go Yippie suits the music very well and is worth a closer look. A fantastic start for the cutty Resting Bell Netlabel!

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