Electronic Chamber Music // The Welsh Serein Netlabel has always been a good address for undogmatic Ambient music that combines expanded experimentalism with a certain amount of catchiness. Catalogue number 13 comes off as a self-titled EP of the duo Nest. A special release because 50% of Nest is Huw Roberts, the guy who founded and runs serein.co.uk. He is accomplished by Otto Totland of critically acclaimed Norwegian engineers of emotion Deaf Center.

First track “Lodge” start with intimate piano chords. The microphone is placed very close to the strings, you can hear the dull beat of the hammers. In the end, the pianist holds his breath… The second track is entitled “Kyoto”. Indeed: the first thing that came to my mind was Japanese Folklore. A few piano tones at hand, the song comes off with some interesting and beautiful harmonies between Avant-Garde and Pop music. Same for “Marefjellet”. The sound of distant rain and these haunting string-arpeggios in the back make you think of Arvo Pärt and Moondog. My personal favourite is “Cad Goddeu”, though. An amorphous composition of slowly smoldering sound layers it is, with filtered strings, concentric loops of solemnly clarinet-tones and sketches of shady piano. References go out to mighty Stars of the Lid and the grand signor of suspension, Ennio Morricone. Chapeau!

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Release: Nest - Nest EP (Serein)

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