Ambient Music Marching Band ** I found out about Kaboom Karavan when listening to d’incise’s free music-charts we had published in December 2007 as part of the Netaudio Adventcalender. His choice of Folk-influenced electronic music is stunning, and the Belgian Kaboom Karavan-collective was totally new to me. Fortunately, the full-length record keeps the promise a single tune made up.

Kaboom Karavan is mainly Bram Bosteels. For his adventurous Free Folk music, Bosteels regularly gets together with his friends, situated in “a very small town in a rather small country”, like he notes on his myspace account. Sounds pretty much like a collective-thing going on, and if you take the open structure of his songs, the high amount of processing and all these jingle bells in account, a certain esoterism-charge might be appropriate.

But Kaboom Karavan have good songs. “Karavanserai”, “No More Karavan” and especially “Short Walk with Olaf” are awesomely loose pieces of Blues- and Americana-influenced Post Pop, “Roadmap” is a brilliant composition of ambient and fractal Folk-pickings. After all, “Toambertree”, with it’s electronic basement more evident, manages to join Free Folk and aggressive Breakbeats surprisingly well. Carefully produced, this album would have been a good hit for Kranky or Constellation records. Hooray we get it for free via Umor Rex!

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