Advent Calendar Door 2 // “2008 was an incredible year for me to digg deeper into the world of netlabelism. Our magazine opened its leaves like a flower and each month I discovered more incredible music from different places on earth. One highlight in spring was the licence-clearing of six netlabel-tracks for a design conference in Berlin called Typo Berlin. I got the chance to get some money and promotion for Pirata, Apes on Tapes, le mépris, Ambidextrous and Morkva, The Incognito Traveller and The Raincoated Man. Thumbs up!

Barcelona, London, Cologne…

In late summer and autumn than, two highlights appeared. First I visited Barcelona and the gentle people from Thank you for inviting me to Spain!

And in october I flew to Netaudio London with the crazy people from 12rec Netlabel. Yeah, I am talking about Sim Sullen and Sven Swift - our dedicated Netaudio lover. We enjoyed our deep trip into the jungle of London. Thank you, Andi, Chris, Dimitris, Hanna, Jon, Matt and Nina X for inviting us!

Last not least it was the music, which made me drift away and all those discoveries I made. And honestly: I listened to more excellent creative commons music than ever before. Thanks to you, the artists and netlabels. Thank you in the first place for an incredible Netaudio Year 2008! My charts reflect only a small part of the glamour, I was able to enjoy together with our readers!”

Happy Christmas Time, Yours mo.

Top-5-Songs 2008

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Sven Swift, mo. and Filippo Aldovini cruisin’ through London (Foto: Sim Sullen)

In no particular order!

Top-5-Netlabels 2008

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Budabeats was definetely my most loved netlabel. Each EP and album a hit! Just a big Wow!

  1. Budabeats
  2. Aerotone
  3. Konfort
  4. Broque
  5. Jahtari