With his “Dub Culture”-Single Echo_TM provides Offbeat-Lovers with a real groovy and dubby anthem. While the bassline rolls warm on the floor, melodic vocoder-vocals grab your attention. In germany, we call those intense and pop-orientated tunes an “Ohrwurm”, which means hard-translated: worm in the ear. It’s difficult to get rid off an “Ohrwurm”-Tune, because you discover yourself whistling and humming the melody again and again… Echo_TM knows how to produce such melodies…

“Dub Culture” is a classic single with an intro and two remixes. The title-track itself is just great material to remix and both version “T” and “M” are a welcome offer to let the Ohrwurm crawl back into your ears.

A great “Ohrwurm” for late summer afternoons where warm sunrays warm our skin.

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