Chillout Music for Spacenights // Years ago we always watched the stars and planet earth from above on TV when we came back from parties. Each weekend the tv-station HR3 transmitted finest chill out and ambient music two sweeten our early morning hours. While our feet felt heavy from dancing, our soul rested on calm beats to drift away. If I listen to music from Crisopa from Madrid/Spain all these nice and relaxed pictures return.

“Medicamentosa” is somewhere inbetween ambient and electronic downbeats. addSenor recommends Crisopa’s music productions “in a therapeutic level by professionals, in order to balance all the unhealthy situations nowadays.” I simply agree but you won’t need any therapists. Just turn on your hifi-amplifier and let’s sweep all those dark and heavy thoughts away. This spherical and spaced out electronica will give you a rest, not forever but for a short time.

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