Good-Humoured Lo-Fi Pop // The mysterious young fellow behind the Ghostape-moniker likes to stay anonymous. That’s OK and suits his far-out music. He hails from an Bruxelles backyard and delivers his version of early 80’s No Wave Pop with self-reliant laxity: with nothing else than a rumpling drum machine, guitar and his voice, Muji Ghostape created his “We Need Music”-LP downloadable via his website. Cool.

With Ghostape’s African (?) roots, one might expect a voice rather dark in tone. But the vocals you can hear on nearly every song of “We Need Music” sound rather pre-pubertal than stereotype manly. The album is full of bewitching song-scribbles like introvert “Midnight”, the displaced “Silverway” or “Follow Me”. On the other hand, rather up-tempo, anthem-like tunes appear in the mix. Check the crooked Sonic Youth-reference “Wellcome” or “Leave Me Alone” which sounds like the Strokes mad-drunken doing a soundcheck with Peaches.

Muji Ghostape creates music that lives from the antagonism between cheap instrumentals and elaborated, often surreal vocal-arrangements. Hum-a-long Avant-garde with influences from recent and 80’s New York Indiepop, where have you heard something like this?

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