Rich Diversity of Netaudio-Sound // Dharmasound released a compilation of their best tracks from 2007, that underline the diversity of this Italian netlabel. “Absolute Balance” features pop, jazz, downbeat as well as classical composed piano and experimental tunes. This netlabel is about urban moods and love for music in general. Each single track leaves me fall into lovely worlds of sound and imagination.

The opener is the insanely brilliant easy-listening pop-hit “handful of dust” from the band Musetta. Catchy vibes that take you from float to float, while real instruments play over a nice bubbly bassline. What surprises me most is, that Dharmasound also releases music that is played on a piano only. Also music, that would fit into the category of “classical composed” music. “Silence” or “Going to the city of Emeralds” from Francesco Lettera are such tracks. But my favorites are jazzy pieces.

Some tracks are deeply rooted in trippy experimentalism, only suited for “special” ears, with not perfect polished sound. Pictures of small undergrounds couch-parties emerge. If you slice the more unusual tracks, like the classical or experimental ones, than a groovy, smooth and jazzy compilation stays. That compilation was thought as a DVD to buy or to made yourself, but I am somehow fond of the idea of customizing this one, in order to have it always on your side and to surprise people who say to you: “Ahh, netlabels. They only feature electronic music.”

I really have my problems selecting according categories, because the cover every singe genre that is listed here, maybe except drum and bass or techno. Broad spectrum, almost all extremely listenable. Really worth a download. Also check out this interview with Dharmasound on Phlow-Magazine.

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