Electronic Pop Music from Italy’s Finest // For nearly one year, I have been waiting for this album. I asked Andrey of Nexsound for “Decivilice After Consumption” when I informed him about the review I wrote for his latest record- and he told me that the album is done already and waiting to be released. After Giovanni’s first album was free for download, “Decivilice” comes off as a beautifully wrapped CD.

Bluermutt - “Before Going To Bed” (MP3)

Bluermutt - “Fashion Arithmetics” (MP3)

Bluermutt refined his style on “Decivilice After Consumption”. While “When I’m Not” showed Giovanni Civitenga’s addiction to leftfield Pop only in traces, the new Bluermutt album can be considered an avowal to groove, melody and vocals in general. Therefore, it suits the Nexsound Pickup-series beautifully.

Be aware: Bluermutt music is light years away from radio-friendly muzak. But Giovanni’s stumbling IDM and Hip Hop beats are do not stand isolated in tracks but form songs nowadays. Bluemutt is accompanied by a vocalists Fredo Viola, Steph Thirion and Linn Rasimelli plus a series of random sample voices. The wonky IDM hymn “Fashion Arithmetic” is outstanding, “Self Approach” strongly reminds me of Canadian Electropop wizard adcBicycle and “Before Going To Bed” is nothing but bewitching.

<img class=”alignnone” src=”http://www.skyapnea.com/home_of_bluermutt/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/copies-2-750.jpg”

Much goodness can be found along the way. However, “Decivilice After Consumption” works best when listened in a whole. I like he subtle guitar meditation “Jimmy Coda” a lot, and “Daily Explosions” with songstress Kinn Rasimelli with all its out-of-space synthesizers is uplifting. Last but not least, it should be noted that the opening “Welcome To A Clear Bluer Sky” features Rap wunderkind Dorian Concept on synths. Damn good!

On www.decivilizeafterconsumption.com, you can listen to the whole album and read about production details.

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