Archipel Netlabel concentrates on minimal music since its first emergence. With a fresh relaunch labelhead Pheek demonstrates how exclusive a netlabel showcase can be. With stylish pictures and an extraordinary look, Archipel Netlabel presents high quality minimal music for lovers. With their collaborative sampler called “Assignment 3” they give DJs and Artists a package of tools. In his mix Pheeks shows how the tools could sound if used right.

In the retrospection Archipel looks back at its history and reconsiders what happened and will happen in the future:

After 3 years of existence, Archipel went a few steps further than what was originally planned. While the initial project was supposed to be about releasing samplepacks for a community, it grew to various scenes where it got even some vinyl releases. As things became more busy and demos flew in, we decided to aim at new goals and not propose a new samplepack.

After Pheek’s many tours, he came back with many ideas. One was to make a package of tools for DJs and performers. This would go a step further than just samples, we’d aim more at giving something for those who helped make us know: artists who play for crowds or for bedroom DJs.

An interesting starting point. With his mix “Assignment 3” Pheeks goes the first steps and presents a minimal-techno-mix in the typical Pheek-Style. The mix sounds like we were sitting in the circuitry of a robot who’s travelling. While grooving on a stoic groove, clicks, little sounds and effects spin around our head. Somehow I would describe it as the corporate sound of Pheek: futuristic, experimental but still danceable.

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