Epic & Experimental Rockmusic // The Mandelbrot Set is one of the new young Postrock-bands hailing from the UK these days, Post-Mogwai, if you dare. Their music is extremely dense and loud, very melodic and they draw a lot of inspiration from the 90’s shoegazing acts, namely My Bloody Valentine and Ride. To be listened at high volume!

All Our Actions are Constantly Repeated” is their debut at the London High Point Low Life-label. HPLL are a CD- and CDr-label but they just decided to deposit their whole back catalogue for free download at Last.fm, so you will be able to try the music and purchase the (very beautiful) CD at a low price later on. The production of the whole album is very well done so the loud passages do not drown in overload. You can carefully follow the textures that form beyond the wall of sound, at least most of the time.

13-minutes monster “Constellation of Rings” is my favourite tune. I love these moments when the whole band melts to a single sound amalgam, when dynamic elements are fused to textures and new elements form psycho-acoustical beneath the music that is played. Here, shoegazing Postrock continues a Minimal Music-tradition listeners should know about when judging this kind of music.

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Release: The Mandelbrot Set - “All Our Actions are Constantly Repeated”

Artist Website: mandelbrotset.co.uk

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](http://mandelbrotset.co.uk/ “The Mandelbrot Set Website”)