Metapop with a wink // Our friend Gillicuddy returns with a new EP which is great fun t2b. Five songs that oscillate between lo-fi Folk, textural experiments in sound, and Noiserock (!). What has been planted in all his music finds its way through the soil on “The Yaouhl! Mashups” eventually: Gillicuddy is the fourth in line of Frank Zappa, Mike Patton, and Jim O’Rourke.

Gillicuddy - “de mannetjesolifant gaat op reis naar de oostzee” (MP3)

Gillicuddy - “sh-dah” (MP3)

Gillicuddy - “instrumental #2” (MP3)

What might come aleatory on first listen complies just right as soon as the concept unfolds. German songwriter

Gillicuddy combines the most different genres on a short-lived EP, typically in one song. This has been true for “Shmalhans is Kuechenmeister” and “The Repeating Thoughts” but is brought to perfection only now.

Take “de mannetjesolifant gaat op reis naar de oostzee” as an example. First part is technical Noiserock, Jesus Lizard-style. Then Gillicuddy slows down the Jazz and pushes the song in a direction reminiscent of Sonic Youth: slightly detuned guitars, decent but uneal somehow. These fade into multilayer field-recordings you are never allowed to trust. Eventually, the secret is revealed, and the elephants of the Baltic Sea make their appearance…

This song is the wildest. However, despite the versatility, a typical atmosphere of humorous darkness comes with all songs on “The Yaouhl! Mashups”. This brings forth consistency, proofs the musical craftsmanship of Gillicudy and guarantees for great listening pleasure. His best up to now, without the slightest doubt.

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Release: Gillicuddy - “The Yaouhl! Mashups”

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