Experimental Lo-Fi Folk // Brometer is Mark Sargison from Nottingham, UK. His wonderful five-track EP “Three Feet Of” was secretly released at IOD, the French Netlabel build from the leftovers of EKO and SKM. Airy-fairy lo-fi Folk, psychedelic chamber music and ad hoc recordings into the microphone of Sargison’s laptop. Ingenious.

IOD Netlabel is run by Alexandre Navarro. He had a good time with EKO and Standard KLIK Music from 2005 to 2007 but decided to go “for real” with SEM in 2008. Up to now, SEM published two beautiful CDs (The Green Kingdom and Navarro’s solo debut “Arcane” ). The tiny Netlabel IOD is used to host the free back catalogue of it’s Netaudio-precursors and features fresh downloads every now and then. Alex, we’d like to see some more enthusiasm, some more promotion for IOD because EPs like “Three Feet Of” by Brometer need to be heard!

“From One Two” is a composition of subtle brilliance. Loopy guitars, organ, chimes, some dull beats and everything is filtered through omnipresent field-recordings. Like a Four Tet-remix of a Nick Drake song. Elegantly entangled, “A Trap” fuses forward- and backward guitars with tape hiss and ghostly synth beeps. A midnight walk trough the moor can be imagined at “Rotation” . A slow synth pulse, grumpy noise and a wobbling synth-line makes me think of the recent Portishead album. So much talent! Hope to hear more from Mark Sargison and Brometer soon.

MP3 Folk Music Download

Release Site: Brometer - “Three Feet Of”

Netlabel: www.semlabel.com/iod

Artist Website: www.brometer.co.uk