No Wave Tribal Noise</a> // I’m curious how Phlow Mag subscribers will like this release. While most of the music we’re usually reviewing is nice and decent, French duo No Snow has to be described as rather grubby and primordial, nasty and overall difficult. Betty, infamous for being queer fellow tip to toe, can’t get enough of it. Music that hits you like a physical blow. Bam!

No Snow - “zdb” (MP3)

No Snow is Lyon duo Gael Moissonier and François Virot, the later who was reviewed for his delightful split release with Karaocake and Marie Marie Cells a few weeks ago. However, to get an idea about the Snow music the Virot-link doesn’t help an inch.

After some self-distributed CDr on Moissonier’s Zero Jardins imprint and two compilation appearances, No Snow hooked up with Portuguese Merzbau Netlabel for an untitled one-track EP. This single 22-minutes song “ZDB” feels like being displaced from a bunch of savages, hidden in their wet dark cave, tortured by tribal drums and subsonic waves of bassguitar.


No Snow are a performance band and obviously not interested in writing songs. Rather Art Brut than Popmusic. They embrace the noise and chance of a live improvisation, distilling their very special Bat Cave aesthetics. On the one hand, there’s a clear early 80’s No Wave/ Post Punk influence. On the other, No Snow work in the tradition of recent visionaries like Black Dice or the Animal Collective. Low-down brilliant, I’m serious.</p>

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Download: "Untitled EP" ZIP
Release: No Snow - "Untitled EP"
Netlabel: Merzbau