Versatile and Virtuoso Ambient // US American Jason Corder aka offthesky is someone to rely on. I wrote a review for his 2007’s Autoplate release short before the label vanished, but there are recent releases at IOD, Zymogen and Resting Bell Netlabel who would have been worth a feature as well. Alone in 2008, Jason had two CDs released.

offthesky - “Swallow Shallows” (MP3)

offthesky - “Symphony for Exiting Entropies” (MP3)

Jason Corder’s Ambient music rises from the ashes of a thousand instruments like fume from a wasted fireplace. It escapes the crashed corpora of violins, guitars and chimes. It’s fluid and ghostlike, drifts from here to there, but once it had entered your ears, you can’t get it out of your head. His tickeling textures swarm with micro-tonalities and bring forth that wonderful richness offthesky can be recognised by in all his releases.

In a way, Corder appears like someone who rather captures sound, more like a scientist who knows where to point the microscope to to reveal the beauty of the unseen. For a music video, I’d put someone catching insects with a butterfly net on a late Summer hayfield. In slow motion and back light. Humble beauty! Listen to “Swallow Shallow” and join my praise. A veritable Ambient masterpiece, you name it.

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Release: offthesky - “Subtle Trees”

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