Clever Ambient Out Of Nowhere // As the commenter “Density Of Sound” depicted in his comment on mo.’s Why I Like Netlabels So Much-thread, Netaudio is a perfect place to discover exciting new music without any economic- or journalistic filters (though the later ain’t true if you’re a Phlow-subscriber!). Russian Ambient project To4ka.Dna came to me like this: out of nowhere.

To4ka.Dna (TOЧKA means “dot”) is the alter ego of Russian Sergey Misyureff. As we get to know on the Constanta website, he’s involved in many different musical projects - none of them which can be found on the internet, and very spare information is available on Misyureff himself either. So… we have to focus on the music!

Sergey Misyureff’s debut as To4ka.Dna is an impressive collection of five pieces of dense Ambient music, rich in texture and monochromatically stained in autumn colours; the artwork, as it should, gives you a good idea about the music.

“3’34”” starts with guitar feedback, decent cracklings and some simple synthesizers. “Odno Slovo” combines processed strings with a hypnotic bass fundament. Atop, you get to hear several little noise. The tunes rises to epic when a heavily reworked electric guitar comes in: Wow! For the titletrack, Misyureff gets a tiny little closer to Pop harmonies, at the same time expanding borders with field recordings and ambient noise.

Another sound artist from East Europe or Russia with a highly unique sound and big talents in songwriting. To4ka.Dna is on my watchlist.

MP3 Ambient Music Download

Release Site: To4ka.Dna - “ZVUK”

Direct Download: “ZVUK” ZIP