Netlabels are Fortune Cookies // Here and than, I ask myself: What is so fascinating about netlabels, that I stayed in touch all over the years? Why am I so excited and keep digging into the wild woods of netlabelism? Isn’t it exhausting digging through 5 Gigabytes of music to find only one row diamond? Yes, it is. But you have to cut the shit everywhere, sometimes a really huge pile. But when you find those nuggets, you’re excited that musicians allow you to spread the music, the vibes and show them legally to your friends. But there are still more reasons why netlabels are amazing, read on!

Why I like netlabels so much!

  1. Netlabels invite me to spread their music for free and let me make propaganda not only by mouth, but with music itself!
  2. If I do an interview with a netlabel or if I write about netlabel-music, I always can attach music to make my articles sound!
  3. A small vinyl label produces a limited copies of a release. If the release is sold out, it’s sold out - Basta! A netlabel keeps its backcatalogue online - hopefully forever!
  4. Even dead netlabels still can be heard in their tomb over at!
  5. Free Culture and Gift Economies are an utopia, but more and more this movement is speeding up, thanks to the internet. Netlabels are a big part of this movement.

Have I forgotten any important reasons?

Please give the critics some proove…

And here are some - hopefully - excellent examples to proove my points:

  1. With each netlabel music compilation I am able to make propaganda for musicians and netlabels I like. Please download them :)
  2. Read articles about Netlabels like Camomille, Broque or Dharmasound and listen directly to their music!
  3. If a music label closes its gates, the music no more available. But sleeping netlabels like don’t operate but keep their identity live, visible and can still be experienced while dreaming.
  4. There are netlabels which had an impact, which where long gone. Thanks to the and they are still available like Textone, Tokyo Dawn or Please Do Something.
  5. Just read and listen on, dig the wonderful nerdy netlabel directory over at or feed your download-manager with music from

Once again: **Have I forgotten any important reasons? Please tell me :) I update the list then!