Interview with Broque Netlabel // The German label Broque follows a mixed strategy. Under the clever management of Christian Kausch and Heiko Schwanz Broque distributes music in several formats and ways. While DJs can buy vinyl-records worldwide at their record dealer of choice, the netizens get free mp3 music released under a creative commons licence on their website. To complete the cycle of music distribution musiclovers can purchase MP3s of the vinyl releases on Beatport. We talked to Christian Kausch to figure out, what’s important for a professional netlabel today, how you push your music into webshops and if you can make some profit out of it.

While Broque recently pushed out a fantastic release called Pseudónimo “terra firme e.p.” we thought, we might talk to the grown up (not only) techno netlabel from Germany. And, yes, we squeezed out some interesting questions for you. Keep on reading!

Whose scepter is swinging behind the Broque-curtain?

We’ve got two main characters behind our curtain: Tend (Christian Kausch) is the man for promotion, A&R, webdesign, licensing, booking, accounting, shipping, scheduling and all things like these. Granlab (Heiko Schwanz) is the technical director with the key for our servers, the connection to our digital ditributors and also the mastering head. We’ve got a new art director, named Thomas Gumprecht, and many other helpers, we can’t exist without.

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Music connects! Friends for lifetime, partners on Broque Netlabel: Christian and Heiko

Most netlabels publish their music only as digital downloads. You follow a mixed up strategy and distribute your music as mp3 and vinyl. Why do you do so?

We were never friends of seperating drawers or formats. I think, so we’ve got the chance to get attention by all music-fans without any restrictions.

When you publish a new vinyl, how do you choose the tracks? Are there any guidelines you follow?

We’ve got a very nice artist pool and get many demos every week. Our only guideline is, that the music must have soul and groove. It’s very important for us to get to know the artists. We want to work together to get new inspirations and hope they get also new experiences by working together with us and our other artists. It’s so nice to see, if new people come together making new projects or just have a good time by exchange or something like that.

It’s terrible, because there are so many people who can’t talk a normal sentence with you, or they have ideas from another world – so we must say “No way!”.

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You also sell your music also digitally - for instance on beatport. Was it difficult to sell your music through beatport? How did you manage to sell your music there?

We’ve got a digital distributor, but also single contracts with separate platforms. We only sell the music as mp3 we sell as vinyl, too. We need the additional profit in this case. Our general mp3-way is free.

Is selling MP3s a lucrative way for musicians to earn money? Would you advise netlabels to sell their music through a music-shop such as beatport?

Yes, you can earn money with it. But I can’t advice it in every case. We don’t switch our label philosophy into only selling, because we think, we lose many fans with it. At this time, we are a good reference for our artists. In another way we would be a soulless label like others on beatport without an own face. As netlabel you can reach thousands of people, as mp3-sell-label with the same concept you’ve got maybe 20 till 50 downloads. Ok, you’ve got the chance to get more, but only great music isn’t enough. And you must know: Netlabel users and people who buy the music via beatport and so on are different target groups. So I must ask, what is more important for you, if you totalize?

If somebody discovers Broque the first time, what five releases should he definetely listens to?

Its very hard, because we aren't a label for one night. So I hope I found the right style mix for the first date with us. But I think, you can find some more treasures on our site, if these teasers are interesting for you:

Mike Breitfeld - Landflucht (broque 003)
Track: Technique4 (MP3)

It was our third EP and a real breakthrough. The chosen track is full of electric current and still one of our favorites. Its also a licenced demo track for Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 2.6.

10 Jahre Oderaufbrot The Remixes (broque 005)
Track: The Caine Controlfreak (Granlab Remix)

I chose this Track, because it was a part of the remixes of our 10 years anniversary compilation CD. The CD was the start of our label and also the beginning of a very successful compilation series. And this remix was the best ever of Granlabs works, I think.

Cheslo Spring Droids EP (broque 021)
Track: Mjidou

It was hard to decide between Lowtec and Cheslo to find a perfect example of our deep side. But I think, Cheslo was a real surprise with his great EP in his very own style and a real genius in his arts. But I really love Lowtecs EP, too!

Max Cavalerra Naturphenomenon (broque 024)
Track: Der Mensch und seine Gnsehaut

Max is the artist with the most tracks on The history of his nature phenomenon is very interesting. At first, nobody took note of it. But step by step, the people found this great fusion of music and now this EP is his most succesfull one on Broque. Two Tracks are now only available on Karmarouge Rec.

Nils Hoffmann Kurz & Klein EP (broque 035)
Track: Goodbye Glamour
Maybe our greatest success ever? Ok, the tastes are different. But a real sample of our open sound policy. Music can bring you so much fun

Review on Nils Hoffmann - “kurz und klein e.p.” (Broque)

Netaudio-Charts from Heiko aka Granlab: Granlab/Broque Free Music Charts 2007