Run for Cover No. 1 // Phlow Magazine launches a new series dedicated to the art of Netaudio: “Run for Cover”. In bulk sequence, wonderful artworks will be presented and discussed. Number one is the disturbing and beautiful cover for GoGooo’s “La Forét aux Petites Filles” EP from 2006.

GoGooo is Gabriel Hernandez, a shy Frenchman from the city of Grenoble. Talking about music, he is well-known for his releases at EKO, Zymogen and his own Netlabel Rain Music. Furthermore, “commercial” releases at Baskaru and mOAR are on the list. Due to his musical activities, Hernandez creates impressionist comics and comic-influenced paintings. Together with his brother Nicolas, they publish a nice photocopy magazine of underground comics and scribble art called JETS.

The Artwork of “La Forét aux Petites Filles” for the Mexican Ambient Netlabel Mandorla is created be Gabriel Hernandez himself. The simple b/w drawing shows an unnatural long-haired girl, crouched in the midst of the picture. Like water, her massive black hair flows to the lower right. Hair and water are common elements in Japanese horror, and this figure is probably influenced by certain Yūrei-images. In contrast to the unsettling presence of the girl, a light rose bubble surrounds the name of artist and album, displayed in comic-style letters.

Despite the obvious aesthetic reasons, this discrepancy is the most notable thing about Hernandez’ drawing. Unerring in choice of color and composition (note how the bubble resembles the silhouette of the ghost-girl), Gabriel Hernandez manages to leave the spectator in awe and creeps at the same time. Finally, GoGooo’s rich textured Ambient music creates a very similar feel and is the perfect content for this outstanding Netaudio artwork herein.