Dark Beats // DJ Side goes down with the bass while his beats creep heavy-burdened over the floor. His “Bittersweet Love EP” is a gloomy trip where dubstep meets ambient meets clicks, crackles and slowly breathing sounds. With mesmerizing and minimal changes in his sound aesthetics he develops a hypnotic maelstrom.

“Bittersweet Love EP” is condensed dark atmosphere. I am fascinated by the minimal sound, which sucks you into the deep EP. With little sound elements, some small changes the czech producer creates a cinematic grimmy shortstory. Great stuff, ready to rewind!

PS: Discoverd on Catching The Waves Weblog.

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**Release:** DJ Side - Bittersweet Love EP

Netlabel: [Surreal Madrid Netlabel

](http://www.surrealmadrid.net/) Artist: DJ Side’s website // DJ Side’s MySpace