Japanese Ambient Benefaction // To readers of Phlow Magazine, Ryonkt ain’t a new name. I wrote a review about his debut EP “Slow Time” in November 2007. Back then, Ryo Nakata aka Ryonkt promised to releases some more music in the near future. After appearances at Audiotalaia, Mandorla and Noise-Joy, Nakata delivers his most recent masterpiece via the welcome hands of Resting Bell Netlabel.

The four track EP is epically entitled “The World That was Surrounded by a Deep Forest and Warm Light”. The artwork shows a vivid painting by Karl Bodmer, a 1809 Swiss-born artist who traveled the “new world” portraiting the North American indigines and white folks settling the west. Alongside the highly figurative title and Bodmer’s moony paintings, you get a good idea of Ryonkt’s music without having heard a single note.

Ambient guitar music, smooth in tone and rich in texture, this is what Ryonkt is known for. The overall warmth and sunlit harmony of his short-term meditations is striking at first try. Where “Slow Time” was lightly linked to Folk- and Pop music, “The World That was Surrounded” has a more experimental purpose; the fact that Nakata does not forget about certain harmonic and structural changes makes his music unique. Pick your favorite tune, they’re all worth it.

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Release Site: Ryonkt - “The World That Was Surrounded (…)”

Direct Download: Ryonkt - “The World That Was Surrounded (…)” (ZIP)

Netlabel: www.restingbell.net

Artist Website: www.myspace.com/ryonkt