Honey-coloured Field-recordings // Entia Non is James McDougall from Australia. For his first album at the lively Test Tube-Netlabel, he’s stacking several layers of field-recordings, tape loops and vinyl crackling to build dense pieces of Ambient that breath the lukewarm air of a late summer afternoon. Just right for a cold Winter’s day!

Often I wonder why so less musicians care about their artworks. In case of “Distal”, the latest Entia Non-record after two CDRs at U Cover Records (Lackluster, Milieu, Ten & Tracer), Test Tube prove intuition by choosing a photo of a sunlit cornfield. That’s exactly what “Distal” sounds like. James’ multilayer music incorporates many elements and moods, ranging from pulsating calmness (“Burning Back in Vacant Fields”) to medium menace (“Cultural Plagiarism”) and evident beauty (“A Winter Plateau”). Especially in the first half of the album, musicality and experimentalism are in good ratio. As an EP, “Distal” would have been quite perfect; sad enough I can’t avoid to notice that some of the later tunes have a certain tendency to drown in reverb. A good Ambient-release nevertheless.

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Release-Site: Entia Non - “Distal”

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Netlabel: www.testtube.monocromatica.com

Artist Website: www.myspace.com/entianon