Concept Music // From the mid-90’s, Fällt Publishing operated in the field of experimental electronic music and media art. Record releases were always objects of artistic interest. Just recently, Fällt Publishing canceled operations, not without getting online with a free-for-download compilation: “Format”.

FourColour - “sets02” (MP3)

Taylor Deupree - “Silver Trees” (MP3)

Fällt rounded up an impressive collection of musicians. “Format” opens with a beautiful and suble guitar impression by 12k’s Taylor Deupree. The influence of this guy on modern day Ambient music is not to overestimate! FourColour a.k.a. Keiichi Sugimoto (Cubic Music) delivers wonderfully dense Ambient/ Drone meditation on bubbling synths. The collagists’ Avant-Pop of The Focus Group (Julian House) is unsettling but fascinating.

In the later half of the album, there is Steinbrüchel to mention. His composition “b ton” sounds like a microscopic study of background noises and unwanted hissing of a tape machine. Interestingly, it is based on a guitar recording by Daisuke Miyatani, the grand maestro of accidental folk. Music like dust. Hard Sleeper fuses field recordings, rural Acid and warm Ambient, giving an undogmatic piece of electronic music. Only Lawrence English, usually a sure shot, was sort of a disappointment to me.

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