The Maestro of Accidental Folk is Back** // Daisuke Miyatani lives on a small Japanese island, works in a bookshop and releases beautiful, erratic guitar-music all over the world. His records at MiMi, Rain Music, Magic Book and Ahornfelder dog me ever since I started listening to free music. What joy to see his most recent “Fragments” EP published at Creation Centre!

Gabriel Hernandez’ Rain Music Netlabel is a good home for Daisuke Miyatani, but Creation Centre is no less. His loose and lo-fi Folk scribbling suit the ideals of Pop on the one hand and an approach of spontaneity

and defectiveness and the other. It’s a shame the EP is so damn short (just about 8 minutes) but following title and liner notes, it makes perfect sense at last:

“Daisuke’s pieces are like trying to remember a dream after you wake up. Familar, but quickly fading into the noise of life. Quickly he is here to remind us of our dreams. to enjoy that we even have them to start with.”

Miyatani’s music is based around tiny loop-a-like melodies he improvises on his acoustic guitar. Certain field-recordings wash through his compositions, hiss and environmental noise are are important as moments of silence. Sometimes, found sounds work as percussion elements. What I like best about Miyatani is the impressive element calmness and self-absorption of his music. There are similar (Japanese) artists like Kozo Ikendo or  Yuichiro Fujimoto, but Daisuke Miyatani is my favourite.

P.S.: Watch out for his new collaboration LP with 12k’s Sawako on Schole Records!

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