Consuming Guitar Drones // Netlabels, promote your releases! UK outfit Phantom Channel got a good start with two compilations. But once these were released, I didn’t read about new stuff anywhere. Once back on the website five new releases are listed, all of them interesting on the whole. Highly recommend among these: Belgrade Rock experimentalist Wo0.

Wo0 - “Sunkissed Ladymoon” (MP3)

Wo0, founding member of the Belgrade Noise Society, has an interesting approach to “play” his guitar. He uses the pickups of his instrument to receive certain frequencies (from cell phones, radio transmitters, and similar).  Processed by multiple effect pedals and amplified to Rock n’ Roll volume, mesmerizing drones emerge that are carefully interlaced and focused in an all-live setup by Wo0. The outcome sounds familiar yet fresh and disturbing.

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Warm distortion, rich of overtones, harmonious feedback that underlines Wo0’s drones like Möbius strips, you might want to name the experimental moments of Sonic Youth or Montreal’s GYBE! for reference. But it’s different altogether as no melodies are formed and no “songs” are sung.  Wo0 adapts the physical presence of Noiserock for his textural Ambient Drones. May I name Glenn Branca for a more suitable comparison?

MP3 Ambient Music Download

Download: “With the Flowered Minds” (ZIP-Archive)


Release: Wo0 - “With the Flowered Minds”