Life rush rhythm, succes of p2p exchange comunities, increasing broadband capacity, extendeduse of mobile phones, constant development ofpersonal multimedia devices… These and many otherfactors affect the relation between cultural productsand consumers. Cultural dematerialization or the loss of the medium, generate a new context where allagents related to cultural production tend to see theirusual activity at least, slightly modified.

Based on a three part format: exhibition, participation and networing, EXPANDING09 offers an open space to share experiences, services andtools; spread and discuss strategies, requestcollaboration o expose necessities, spreadingsinergies among participants: we want to sharecreativity and promote collaborative culture. There will be video shows, projects presentations, anetworking area, a collaborative lab/talk, a netlabelfair, concerts, an interactive installation and muchmore!

When and Where?

Saturday, 14th November 2009

Aula 1 of CCCB, Barcelona