Hyptnotic Electro // Sometimes it takes only one hypnotic loop to catch you. “Funny Computer” has this deep sound which makes you addicted for the rest of the track lasting seven minutes and thirty seconds. The producer from Madrid composed a loop which sounds melodic but is difficult to whistle. He sent it through a vocoder denying its origin sound source and carefully adds some other sounds. That’s it. But nevermind, you’ve fallen into trance after seconds.

“Fun Computer” is a pure single with two remixes/alternative takes. These takes sound interesting but haven’t the suicidal hook the original electro song crosses your ears. Just dig it and get addicted, you’ll hear what I mean.

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Download: Angel Galán - “Fun Computer” (ZIP-Archive)

Artist-Website: www.myspace.com/angelgalan

Release: Angel Galán - “Fun Computer”

Netlabel: Escala